Rveg 0.1.4 (R package extension for writing and saving of phytosociological relevés)

Rveg is software for managing your databases of phytosociological relevés. You can create your database in the R environment and later on analyze data in R or export for the phytosociological software JUICE.

Minimal requirement for the Rveg to work is to have installed the R software. It can be downloaded from here. The Rveg then can be installed by running functions install.packages(“Rveg”), require(Rveg)

You can watch the video-manual here or the older version in Czech here.

Each species have unique shortname code using the species checklist of Danihelka, J., Chrtek Jr, J., & Kaplan, Z. (2012). Checklist of vascular plants of the Czech Republic. Preslia, 84(3), 647-811.